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    Speaking & Workshops

    For Meeting Planners, Educational Organizations and HR-Corporate Topics

    Your event is very important to you and to me. I will work with you to understand your meeting objectives, tailor the presentations accordingly and deliver on that promise. My goal for you as a planner is to ensure that you receive the best possible program for your audience based on the setting and needs of the group and the overall meeting objectives. I will spend the time with you up front to get to know you, your audience and your organization.

    Dr. Audrey Sherman is a Psychologist and leading expert on helping people overcome emotional baggage in order to reach their ultimate goals whether they are personal or professional. She is a leading resource on helping people to work and live the life of their dreams, complete with emotional success and satisfaction.

    Dr Sherman’s workshop took me to a whole new level of job success and company advancement. I did everything she suggested and am so glad I did!
    Workshop Attendee

    Dr. Sherman is an expert in human behavior and motivation and Founder of Psychskills Institute, a personal development company based in Fort Myers, FL. Her mission is to spread the words of emotional success that are applicable in all areas of life. Her self- help program Dysfunction Interrupted™ was written and developed out of the vision that everyone could experience emotional success if given the right tools, and it does not need to be a long, involved, painful process.

    Dynamic, passionate, knowledgeable and fun… all words past participants have used to describe Dr. Sherman’s workshops and programs. Real life stories, content expertise and a common sense approach provide listeners with knowledge, techniques and strategies that they can implement immediately.

    Dr. Sherman delivers motivating, dynamic and transformational workshops and provides results oriented coaching programs.

    Areas Dr. Sherman Speaks On

    • Increasing Productivity Personally and Professionally
    • Creating and Designing Emotional Success
    • Interrupting Dysfunctional Work and Life Patterns
    • Attaining Successful Personal and Professional Relationships
    • Stress Management and Work/Life Balance
    • Parenting an Emotionally Successful Child
    I attended a program on Emotional Success with Dr. Sherman and I can’t believe the gains I have made in such a short time in both my career and personal life. She is interesting, sincere and knowledgeable.

    Ft Myers, FL

    Interview and Speaking Topics By Category

    Emotional Success and Well Being:

    Dysfunction Interrupted: Don’t Let Your Past Be Your Future
    9 Things You Can Do That Will Reinvent Your Life Right Now, No Matter What.
    The “Advanced Thinking Skills” You May Not Know You Needed, But You Do!!
    The Power of Emotional Success
    The 5 Keys to Emotional Success


    6 Things You Must Do To Find A Great Relationship
    New Relationship-Same Old Baggage? Lose it For Good This Time.


    Dysfunction Interrupted For Parents-Don’t Let Your Past Be Their Future
    Increasing Your Parenting Power
    The 5 Keys to An Emotionally Successful Child


    Dysfunction Interrupted-Don’t Let Your Past Interfere with Success
    9 Areas to Develop for Exceptional Leadership
    Thinking Skills that Create Success

    Dr. Sherman will customize lengths to suit event.

    Sample Workshop

    Dysfunction Interrupted at Work — Leading an Emotionally Successful Workforce

    Lack of commitment, missed work days, antagonistic personalities, under performing, these are all symptoms of employees suffering from some type of emotional dysfunction. This dysfunction costs corporations millions of dollars a year in revenue, whether from lack of expected performance, time off or employee turnover costs. There are immediate remedies for most of these problems and addressing the topic in a workshop or training format allows for the message to help many employees at one time, providing faster overall results. Full outline and description available upon request.

    This workshop/training is designed to:

    • Increase individual performance and results
    • Decrease friction among employees
    • Reduce burnout and absenteeism
    • Reduce medical and emotional disability leave time
    • Improve teamwork

    Ft. Myers, FL

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