Depression and anxiety are the 2 most common emotional difficulties that we face today. It is not unusual at all to see one individual with both as these problems walk a fine line together with interrelated symptoms. The next most common set of problems are attention and focus problems, chronic anger and relationship difficulties. We at Psychskills believe there is a common denominator across all of these, a lack of information on how to think and process your world effectively, thereby changing your experience of it.

The lack of information that leads to experiencing negative emotions such as depression is not the reader’s fault or something they do on purpose, rather something that was not taught or picked up along the way (this is outside the realm of personal loss, grief or injury that has an obvious cause). Some individuals believe these problems are genetic in nature and cannot be helped. The Dysfunction Interrupted program was written based on that premise and is designed to teach the necessary skill base to free you from the symptoms of these debilitating problems and go on to live a satisfying life of your own design. Many people suffer needlessly every day when all they need is a new skill set or tool base to utilize in their life.

This blog will be dedicated to providing the reader with helpful and useful information that can be incorporated into dally life. Article reviews will be from professional psychological and medical journals with the focus on what is “right” with us, as well as what is “wrong”. Our goal is to build a community of readers who will benefit from our information as well as join in the Psychskills Community and participate and share your experiences with others. There is no need to spend your life depressed, anxious, angry or involved in terrible and disappointing relationships. Join us here and get these patterns interrupted!!!

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