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    Coaching for Coaches

    Boost Attraction and Retention When You Take Your Clients to the Next Level of Emotional Success!

    If you have ever worked with a tough or stuck client you know the feeling. How do I move this person along? How do I keep them engaged with me? What is keeping them from reaching their goals or even starting to work on them?

    Do they have a psychological issue that prevents them from fully taking advantage of the coaching experience? Should I refer them to a psychologist or keep them?

    Why can’t they move past their limiting beliefs and get on with things? Am I a failure as a coach?

    There can be many answers to these questions but the one biggie is that your client has emotional baggage that is holding them back. Specific baggage, not just vague “issues”. Once that baggage is identified it can be eliminated, allowing your client to focus and move forward. Their success is your success.

    That “baggage” keeps them stuck in every area of their life, it is pervasive across their own relationships, career, health and so on. Once you free them up in one area they make gains across the board.

    My Dysfunction Interrupted for Coaches program teaches you how to find those issues and eliminate them.

    Here are your benefits:

    • Increase client retention—Clients who make good progress and feel like “you get them” stay with you longer, promote you to others in person and in their social media and are more likely to return to you in the future for “tune ups”.
    • A tool for your toolbox that will actually help you attract new clients—One that lends credibility and expertise as it is based in the sound principles of Cognitive, Developmental and Positive Psychology.
    • Professional materials to offer your clients complete with activities, guides and worksheets.
    • Build your own confidence in dealing with all types of clients.
    • Quickly transform your client’s life in all areas—Whether you are a Life, Financial, Wellness, Parenting or other type of coach, your clientele can be carrying a huge load of emotional baggage that interferes with meeting goals and building a successful and satisfying life.
    • Case Support—If we are working together I will provide you with case support for challenges you encounter. You will have my help as you begin to use the new principles with your clients.

    Schedule a free call and let’s discuss how I can help you build and enrich your coaching business.

    Ft. Myers, FL

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