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The Most Critical Tool for Emotional Success

Congratulations if you are reading this because you have decided to rid yourself of unnecessary and heavy emotional baggage.The first technique that you will need to learn as you start to unburden yourself of emotional baggage is what is called “self soothing”. This...

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Coping Strategies for Depression, Anxiety and Anger

Blake Flannery wrote this post originally and as it covers the topic beautifully and I couldn't have said it better I am reposting it here.

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Characteristics of High and Low Self-Esteem

Self-Esteem is the term used to describe a person's own measurement of his/her self-worth. It is how you think of yourself, describe yourself and the collection of beliefs you have pertaining to your abilities and worthiness.Not surprisingly, people with depression,...

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New Relationship, Same Old Baggage?

Do you ever find yourself in a new relationship and feel like “been there, done that?” You think you have found a great new partner, then it turns out they are essentially the same old partner but with a different name, face and job. You wonder how this happened as...

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Bad Mood or Depression?

I found this article while searching Google+ and thought I would share it. It's nicely done and very clearly written. Often people don't know if they are truly clinically depressed or just chronically unhappy. They can feel very much alike. Both can be treated...

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How One Simple Equation Can Help You Eliminate Depression

 Depression has the power to rob you of all possible joy, and those of you who are suffering from any form of depression know that it can affect your whole life. Family, productivity, career and social relationships become caught up in the downward spiral of mood and...

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