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    Are You Haunted by the What Ifs?

    A trademark feature of fear and indecision is that you find yourself confronted with the “what ifs.” These are little fear-based characters that come out every time you go to make a decision. You are probably familiar with those characters that live in your mind and...

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    Are You Chronically Angry?

    Typically people know if they are angry but there are some who do not. Road rage, sarcasm, put-downs and scoffing at others or at the world in general are usually anger-based—so can be spouting off continually about politics or what is wrong with the world. Masked as...

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    6 Foods For A Better Brain

    We are happy to announce the addition of a wonderful nutritionist and guest blogger, Braelynne Morrow,  to our site here at PsychSkills. So much of how we feel and how our moods can change rapidly has to do with what we put in our bodies. I believe it to be so...

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    Locus of Control and Depression

    The concept of locus of control is huge and defines how you approach almost everything in life.  It is a thinking style that refers to how you perceive the cause of life’s events. Do you believe that your destiny is controlled by you or by external forces such as...

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    How to Get The Most Benefit From Self-Help Tools

    A question I receive almost daily is whether or not a self-help program can really be of benefit.  Emotional problems, family dysfunction, depression, anxiety and anger problems can feel so overwhelming it is hard to believe you can really experience relief from...

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    Emotional Baggage 101

    We have all heard that we should rid ourselves of toxic relationships, think positively, eliminate negativity, be self-confident and believe in ourselves in order to be happy and successful. And don’t forget the biggie, “stop being afraid”. This is all true and sounds...

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