I found this article while searching Google+ and thought I would share it. It’s nicely done and very clearly written. Often people don’t know if they are truly clinically depressed or just chronically unhappy. They can feel very much alike. Both can be treated successfully.

One thing I would like to add to the article is that medications alone are never as successful as medications plus Cognitive Therapy or even therapy alone.  The Cognitive Therapy can serve to inoculate you against future episodes of depression by helping you break dysfunctional thought patterns that may be interfering with your success and happiness.  If you go off medications the same problems or thought patterns are still with you. These dysfunctional patterns that can cause depression, anxiety and even anger problems are usually learned early on and you aren’t even aware of them until a therapist or psychologist points them out. 

I have worked for years with clients helping them to sort through this issue and get on the path to a more satisfying and happy life so I know it can be done. The key to overcoming depression is to never give up hope that there is help out there.


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